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NFL Rule Changes: Instant Replay Reviews Now Include Turnovers

NFL owners are meeting in Palm Beach, Fla. this week where they have voted on seven proposed rule changes. We already hit on the new overtime rules for the regular season so the next rule change involves instant replay. Owners voted to allow all turnovers to be subject to instant replay review without the coaching challenge needed.

As previously reported, the NFL rejected a rule change that would have sent all reviews to the booth.

Last year the NFL tweaked the instant replay rules to include all scoring plays under automatic review. This meant that a coach wouldn't have to use a challenge on a review if it was a scoring play. The rule now applies to turnovers, too. Any turnover will automatically be subject to review and a coach will not need to use a challenge.

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This is a no-brainer, if you ask me. Sometimes turnovers are as big of a turning point in a game as a scoring play so treating them the same when it comes to instant replay makes sense. No longer will a play of the magnitude of a turnover not be subject to automatic review.

For more on the NFL's proposed rule changes, stay tuned to this StoryStream.