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NFL Rejects Rule Change To Booth Instant Replay; Tables Vote To Push Back Trade Deadline

NFL owners wrapped up voting on more than a dozen rule changes at the league owners meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday morning. As a result of the vote, video replay will now apply to turnovers. That is the only change to the league’s replay system after owners rejected a proposal that would have made all video reviews the responsibility of replay officials in the booth, according to Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network.

The move to review turnovers mirrors a change made last season allowing for review of scoring plays. The rule change only applies to situations where the ruling on the field is a turnover.

Two proposed changes did not pass. Moving all video reviews to the booth was one. Removing the exception for horse collar tackles on quarterbacks in the pocket was the other changes rejected by owners.

Owners tabled a vote to change the league’s bylaws that would move the trade deadline back by two weeks. They also tabled a proposed change to the injured reserve rules which would allow teams to bring a player back rather than end their season. Owners are expected to vote on those changes in May.