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Gregg Williams Meeting With NFL About Bounty Investigation On Monday

Gregg Williams is headed to New York on Monday after the NFL decided to call him in for a meeting. Williams is at the center of a probe into widespread pay-for-performance systems, stretching from his most recent stint in New Orleans all the way back to his tenure in Buffalo and Washington. The NFL wants to know more of the story from his side, leading to an all-important meeting that could determine his future in the league.

NFL Network's Albert Breer has more on the meeting and what it may entail.

The source said Williams will talk with NFL general counsel Jeff Pash and security officials Joe Hummel and Jeff Miller. The summit was termed a "meeting" rather than a "hearing," according to the source.

The parties will continue to discuss Williams' violations in New Orleans and review his time as a coach in Tennessee, Buffalo, Washington and Jacksonville.

That this isn't a hearing and is instead more of a discussion says a lot about where the investigation lies at the moment. Breer notes that a punishment won't be coming on Monday, and in fact the discussion won't even center around the alleged bounty program with the Saints. Instead, officials plan to dig deeper, discussing Williams' past jobs and potential pay-for-play systems at each stop along the way.

Calling it a meeting instead of a hearing, coupled with news that Williams has been extremely cooperative, could point toward the former Saints defensive coordinator laying out what occurred and when.

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