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With Sean Payton's Suspension, Joe Vitt Is The 'Favorite' For Saints Interim Job

In the NFL, an interim coach is someone who replaces the head coach for a brief period of time. But what do you call a coach who replaces an interim coach? We could soon be finding out the answer to that question. ESPN has already reported that Bill Parcells will not be the New Orleans Saints interim coach when Sean Payton's suspension begins later this month. ESPN's Adam Schefter says it's "looking more and more like" Saints assistant head coach, Joe Vitt, is the favorite to be the interim coach of the Saints in Payton's absence.

The only problem with that? Vitt was caught up in the Saints bounty scandal, too, and he's suspended the first six games. So choosing him as interim coach would mean the Saints would also need another interim coach for the first six games of the season.

Vitt's suspension doesn't start until after the preseason, which means he can coach through the offseason when Payton is gone. But, still, it seems almost unnecessary to have multiple interim coaches. In the event Vitt is the interim coach, offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael seems like a logical choice as the interim to the interim in Vitt's absence.

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