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HBO Wants The Atlanta Falcons For Hard Knocks

HBO has reportedly offered the Atlanta Falcons the starring role on its NFL reality show, Hard Knocks.

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The Atlanta Falcons have a decision to make. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the HBO network wants Atlanta to be featured in the upcoming season of its NFL reality show, Hard Knocks. Is America ready for Mike Smith in prime time?

Rex Ryan and the Jets stunned the world of over-sharing when they turned down the opportunity to be featured for the second time. It was actually Ryan that vetoed the Jets' appearance, figuring the Jets had enough distractions. Again, shocking. A number of other possibilities popped up, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have been open about their desire to be featured on the show.

Atlanta will have to make a decision soon, if HBO is going to hue to its usual schedule for Hard Knocks. A team is typically announced in May.

The show was another victim of the lockout last season, along with the shrug-inducing Hall of Fame game.

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