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Aaron Kromer Expected To Replace Joe Vitt, Who Is Replacing Sean Payton

The New Orleans Saints on Thursday officially announced that assistant head coach Joe Vitt will become the interim coach while Sean Payton is suspended for the entire 2012 season. The question that move immediately brought was who would become the next interim coach for Vitt, who is suspended the first six games of the season.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Saints offensive line coach Aaron Kromer is expected to become the interim head coach in Vitt's six-game absence. Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael was also considered a possibility.

So Payton, who is suspended for the year, will be replaced by Vitt, who is suspended for six games. That announcement was made by GM Mickey Loomis, who is suspended for eight games. Vitt will be replaced by Kromer who, as far as we know, has not been suspended.

Quite the mess the Saints have themselves in, isn't it? We haven't even gotten to the player suspensions yet (if there will even be any). It sets up a situation in which the Saints could line up in Week 1 down to their third head coach and a number of defensive players suspended.

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