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Jonathan Vilma Bracing For 2-8 Game Suspension, According To Report

The suspensions for the coaching staff and other front offices members involved in the New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal have already been handed down and now the NFL will move to some of the Saints players that were more heavily involved. Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is the only player who was named in the information released to the public, and is bracing for a potential suspension from the NFL during the 2012 season, according to a report by Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network.

Jonathan Vilma is bracing for a suspension between two to eight games, according to sources who have been in contact with the New Orleans Saints linebacker.

It will be a hit to the Saints defense if Vilma is out for the full eight games of the season. According to LaCanfora, a decision on the length of Vilma's suspension is expected prior to the NFL Draft on April 26.

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