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'Monday Night Football' Schedule: Bengals-Ravens, Chargers-Raiders In Week 1

ESPN's "Monday Night Football" schedule for the 2012 NFL season will kick off with a pair of divisional rivalries. In Week 1, the Bengals will visit the Ravens, while the Raiders host the Chargers. ESPN traditionally broadcasts two "Monday Night Football" games in Week 1, with the later one on the west coast.

Peyton Manning's first "Monday Night Football" appearance as a Bronco will come in Week 2 when Denver meets the Falcons. Another intriguing game is the Week 12 matchup between the Panthers and Eagles, which will feature dynamic quarterbacks Cam Newton and Michael Vick.

The Bears will make three "Monday Night Football" appearances next season.

Here is the complete "Monday Night Football" schedule for the 2012 season:

Week 1: Bengals vs. Ravens

Week 1: Chargers vs. Raiders

Week 2: Broncos vs. Falcons

Week 3: Packers vs. Seahawks

Week 4: Bears vs. Cowboys

Week 5: Texans vs. Jets

Week 6: Broncos vs. Chargers

Week 7: Lions vs. Bears

Week 8: 49ers vs. Cardinals

Week 9: Eagles vs. Saints

Week 10: Chiefs vs. Steelers

Week 11: Bears vs. 49ers

Week 12: Panthers vs. Eagles

Week 13: Giants vs. Redskins

Week 14: Texans vs. Patriots

Week 15: Jets vs. Titans

Week 16: Falcons vs. Lions (Saturday)

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more news and notes on the 2012 NFL schedule. Here is the 2012 NFL preseason schedule.

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