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'Thursday Night Football' Schedule 2012 Starts With Bears Vs. Packers

The NFL expanded the NFL Network's "Thursday Night Football" schedule from eight weeks in 2011 to 13 weeks in 2012. The Thursday night schedule now runs from Week 2 all the way through Week 15. This enhanced Thursday night schedule is why every team will get a chance to play in primetime this season.

Here's a look at the entire "Thursday Night Football" schedule for 2012:

Week 2: Bears vs. Packers

Week 3: Giants vs. Panthers

Week 4: Browns vs. Ravens

Week 5: Cardinals vs. Rams

Week 6: Steelers vs. Titans

Week 7: Seahawks vs. 49ers

Week 8: Buccaneers vs. Vikings

Week 9: Chiefs vs. Chargers

Week 10: Colts vs. Jaguars

Week 11: Dolphins vs. Bills

Week 13: Saints vs. Falcons

Week 14: Broncos vs. Raiders

Week 15: Bengals vs. Eagles

The "Thursday Night Football" schedule isn't nearly as strong as ESPN's "Monday Night Football" or NBC's "Sunday Night Football" schedule, but it helps give every team a chance to play in prime time during the season, so that's your trade-off.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more news and notes on the 2012 NFL schedule. Here is the 2012 NFL preseason schedule.