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Madden '13 Cover Vote Comes Down To Cam Newton Vs. Calvin Johnson

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On March 21, 32 stalwart combatants of the football gridiron entered into the fiercest of all NFL offseason competitions, if not the most intense battle of all time: the balloting to determine a cover model for the latest edition of the "Madden" line of (reportedly) popular video games. Legend foretells that the winner of this tooth-and-nail competition wins fabulous riches and is invariably blessed with the greatest football season of their careers as a result. Such is the arcane power of the great and powerful wizard known only as Mad-Den (arcane highspeech; approximate translation). On Wednesday, the two finalists for the cover were revealed. Peer beyond the jump -- if you dare -- and BEHOLD!

This final battle to the death (presumably) has come down to the fleet of foot Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers and his arch-nemesis, Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions, whose hands are said to be made of the strongest steel. A war of attrition between the largest of cats! Just as the oracle foretold.

Surely a war will be waged unlike any we have ever seen. The fight will be ghastly and blood will be shed on this day (voting is open from April 18-25). Brother shall turn against brother, father shall betray son and vice versa ad nauseum. When only one combatant remains, he shall hold aloft the head of the defeated and scream his victory from atop the highest peak in all of the land. Or, you know, they'll use an airbrushed stock photo of him after enough people click enough buttons. Whichever.

Click here to vote on the final matchup in the battle for ultimate video game cover supremacy. It's probably the most important decision in the history of society.