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Nike's NFL Uniforms To Be Unveiled On Tuesday

NFL fans have been waiting for it and it's almost here. Nike, who took over as the NFL's official provider of equipment and apparel as of April 1, will be unveiling all kinds of new gear, including uniforms, at a launch in New York on Tuesday. Players from every NFL team will be there to showcase the new look.

Some teams will be seeing tweaks to their uniforms but Nike has kept that under lock and key since announcing they would take over the NFL contract. Teams like the Seahawks are expected to see some changes to their uniforms while traditional teams like the Packers likely won't see any changes.

Reebok, the former outfitter of the NFL, sold about $500 million in gear last year, which Nike should top this year.

"In addition to what the sales are there's going to be some pipeline-filling as well, just to get the racks in the stores filled back up," said Powell, an analyst at Charlotte, N.C.-based One Source Sports. "It could be as much as $750 million in the first year...Nike taking over the license here will rejuvenate licensed apparel as fashion."

Team hats are coming from New Era.

Click here for an example of some of the new apparel Nike will be rolling out.