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Jets May Be Featured On HBO's 'Hard Knocks' Again

Remember the last edition of HBO's 'Hard Knocks', in which Rex Ryan swore like a sailor and Antonio Cromartie struggled to remember the names of all nine of his children? It was one of the best editions of the series yet. Last year, due to the NFL lockout there was no 'Hard Knocks'. There's no obvious must-have team for this year's edition of the show, but the New York Jets appear to be the leaders in the clubhouse.

Jets owner Woody Johnson said he's heard that HBO is interested in signing up his team again, and that there has not been a "formal invitation," but "when we do, we will take a look at it."

The potential dynamic of the show with Tim Tebow added to the mix certainly is intriguing. The team was rumored to have terrible locker room chemistry at the end of last season, a lot of which centered around the play and attitude of Mark Sanchez. Additionally, the stars of the last show were a coach that cursed like a sailor and a guy with nine kids by eight mothers in six states.

Tim Tebow has the potential to make any edition of 'Hard Knocks' interesting, but now that he's on a team with the current personalities and team dynamic that the Jets have, it's almost too perfect to be real.