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Note To NFL Teams: Draft Players Who've Been Arrested

The NFL Draft is approaching, and teams all over the NFL will have tough decisions to make. And, according to a professor who recently conducted a study on the NFL Draft, "If you're on the fence about a player and worried about his criminal record, the data says take a chance." Today is 4/20, for instance.


Somewhere out there, a star football player is probably celebrating the holiday by smoking an unfathomable amount of weed and watching Planet Earth all day. Maybe he'll have a friend take him to get some food in a little while. Maybe they'll get approached by the police. They'll search the car, find marijuana, and probably cite the star player for possession since he'll be too high to deny it's his or even know who's asking him all these questions.


And ... #SCIENCE is saying ... DRAFT THAT MAN. We'll talk more about this next week, but yeah. Cliff Harris and Janoris Jenkins should forward this article to all 32 teams as soon as possible. I love the NFL Draft.