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Saints Eavesdropping Allegations: Team 'Seeking All Legal Recourse' Against ESPN

On Monday, ESPN's Outside The Lines reported that New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis had a device in the Superdome that allowed him to listen to opposing coaches. Loomis and the Saints have, as expected, not responded to the report in a positive manner. In fact, they're categorically denying it and threatening legal action. Saints' vice president of communications Greg Bensel responded strongly.

"This report is 1000 percent false," Bensel said. "Completely inaccurate. We asked ESPN to provide us evidence to support their allegations and they refused. The team and Mickey are seeking all legal recourse regarding these false allegations."

It's been a pretty bad offseason for the Saints and for Loomis in particular, who has been suspended for eight games for his involvement in the Saints' bounty scandal. Whether or not there's any truth to the Outside The Lines report, Loomis' reputation has certainly been damaged once again, hence the threat of legal action.

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