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Subway Makes A Robert Griffin III Sandwich Sculpture

Subway has paid tribute to the presumptive No. 2 pick in the draft by building a sculpture of Robert Griffin III. The sculpture, naturally, is made of sandwich ingredients.

I have plenty of things to say about this. A photo of the sandwich sculpture, as well as my indispensable reflections on the matter, are after the jump.


  • It's time for the Colts to draw a line in the sand. Which quarterback are they going to choose?
  • RGIII is just as dangerous on his feet as he is with his arm. Opposing secondaries will need to keep an eye out for the run, but they can't afford to loaf it either.
  • Is Robert Griffin III clutch? Of course he is. If the clock's ticking down with the bologna own 20 yard-line, who else would you want behind center?
  • Note to opposing corners: when RG3 is behind center, stick with your man. If you peel off and go for the pick, he'll make you pay.
  • Great quarterbacks aren't born, they're made. As a youngster, RG3 had trouble against blitzes undeli mustard the courage to stay in the pocket.
  • Even the greatest players don't make it to professional football without support from friends and family. When you see him out there, remember that he didn't get to the provolone.
  • Hey, NFL defensive coordinators: with RG3's scrambling ability, you'd better start implementing zone coverage. Playing mayonnaise just asking for trouble.
  • While some other franchises might find their situation at Q cumbersome, the team that drafts Robert Griffin III figures to have olive their affairs in order.

(Via @MrIrrelevant)