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Seahawks New Uniforms Are Lighter And Stronger

Nike is the new uniform and apparel provider of the NFL and unveiled some of the changes to NFL uniforms on Tuesday, most notably to the Seattle Seahawks. Their uniforms were the biggest change of them all, as Nike and the Seahawks completely re-worked the look.

You can see pictures of the Seahawks new uniforms here.

The colors on the jersey are officially called wolf grey, college navy and action green. There are 12 feathers down the side of the pant leg, which is a tribute to the 12th Man, Seahawks fans. The Seahawks say the jerseys are 20 percent lighter yet 50 percent stronger. Kam Chancellor, who modeled the new jersey for the Seahawks, said the jersey allows you more movement, which will in turn allow him to make more plays. The jersey will keep its form whether it's wet or dry.

The biggest change, besides the colors, seem to be that it's lighter and more form fitting allowing for better movement.

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