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Nike's NFL Uniform Changes Aren't For Everyone

Nike's new NFL uniforms hit the public on Tuesday and the Seattle Seahawks are the team with the biggest change as they completely re-worked their jersey with some new colors. Other teams saw minor changes, like the Chiefs and Bears moving their numbers from the sleeves to the shoulder pads.

Photos: Seahawks New Uniforms | Every Team's Uniform Change | SB Nation On YouTube

The jerseys are said to be lighter and stronger allowing for freer movement from the athletes. But not every team has the new fabric. Nike has detailed information on every team and at least three teams -- Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers -- have chosen to stay with their "former uniform fabrication" in the 2012 season.

That brings up a good point -- that teams had a say in all of this. Nike doesn't make the decision on teams changing anything to their uniform. They suggest concepts to the teams but the teams, along with the NFL, are the ones who make the final decision on any uniform changes. Some teams, like the four listed above, weren't interested in all the changes available.

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