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VIDEO: Brian Orakpo Hopes Nike's New NFL Jerseys Help Him Avoid Holding

One angle on Nike's new NFL jerseys that hasn't really been touched on is how it'll affect defenders trying to get past offensive linemen. Most of the new uniforms include new fabric so it makes you wonder if offensive linemen who like to (illegally) hold defenders will lose their advantage.

SB Nation's Hogs Haven attended the Nike uniform unveiling and caught up with LB Brian Orakpo to ask him if the new jerseys will help him avoid holding from opposing offensive linemen.

Hogs Haven: "Redskins fans are used to you getting held and dragged. Do you think this will help?"

Orakpo: "We hope so. That's the goal. That's why they made this stuff for me, man."

Orakpo knows a little bit about uncalled holding penalties. It'll be interesting to see the difference in the actual fabric.

Check out the video of their exchange below. And view more videos from SB Nation on YouTube.