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Nike's NFL Uniforms Could Soon Include Throwback Jerseys

There was plenty of buzz on Tuesday surrounding the unveiling of Nike's new NFL uniforms for 2012. The company is beginning a new exclusive contract with the NFL and wanted to make a splash with an enormous press conference and presentation.

While the only team that received a major overhaul from 2011 was the Seattle Seahawks, Nike only unveiled each team's home uniform on Tuesday. The away uniforms are expected to be similarly conservative, but the league and Nike are both keeping alternate uniforms under wraps for the time being -- including potential throwback jerseys.

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Will Brinson of CBS Sports reports that Nike's Creative Director of Football, Todd Van Horne, stressed the importance of getting the home and away uniforms in line first before moving on to throwbacks and alternates. Van Horne stated that throwback jerseys are something that has been discussed with the league and will be a potential option for any team that wants to go that route.

"Some of it is yet to come," Van Horne said Tuesday. "The NFL has very strong rules about what happens on the third jersey and alternate colors. So a lot of that is individual and team choice about what's going to happen."

"We will work with the teams as they go," Van Horne said. "It's individual teams' choices if they want to do that or not. So that's something we're working with them on."

The throwback jerseys have been so popular in years that it would be a surprise if Nike did not produce any this season.

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