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NFL Preseason Schedule 2012: Giants, Cowboys, Eagles And Redskins

The 2012 NFL preseason schedule is out for every team in the NFL, including the NFC East. It should be an interesting division to watch, especially with the Washington Redskins likely unveiling a brand new rookie quarteback under center.

Week 3 of the preseason will likely pit Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III against one another, no matter where either QB ends up, as the Redkins host the Indianapolis Colts. The defending Super Bowl champions also have a couple of interesting matchups. The New York Giants will face off against Rex Ryan and the Jets in Week 2 and will rematch with the New England Patriots in Week 4.

Here's the preseason schedule for the Giants, Redskins and the rest of the NFC East:

New York Giants: at Jacksonville Jaguars, at New York Jets, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots

Dallas Cowboys: at Oakland Raiders, at San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins

Philadelphia Eagles: Pittsburgh Steelers, at New England Patriots, at Cleveland Browns, New York Jets

Washington Redskins: at Buffalo Bills, at Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more information on the 2012 NFL preseason schedule.