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AUDIO: Gregg Williams Encourages Injuries, Insinuates Payment In Bounty Scandal

As the NFL offices are set to hear the appeal of New Orleans Saints coaches and players, audio has surfaced of former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams giving a speech for the Saints playoff matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. The audio was captured by documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon, who directed "Run Ricky Run" for ESPN, as Pamphilon is filming a documentary on former Saints player Steve Gleason, who is suffering from ALS.

Pamphilon passed along the audio to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports and also uploaded some of the audio recording to YouTube.

Said Pamphilon: "At one point Williams says, ‘We hit [expletive] Smith right there' - then he points under his chin [and continues] - ‘remember me.' Then he rubs his thumb against his index and middle fingers - the cash sign - and says, ‘I got the first one. I got the first one. Go get it. Go lay that [expletive] out.'

Fair warning, the audio is graphic and contains language.

Williams talks about "taking out the head" and testing players for concussions. Oddly enough, it was the 49ers defense knocking Saints players out of the game, including knocking out running back Pierre Thomas early in the game.

The biggest problem with Gregg Williams in this isn't necessarily what he says in particular, but the fact that Pamphilon notes that Williams makes the hand motion for cash when talking about taking out quarterback Alex Smith, insinuating a cash reward for doing so.

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