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Jason Peters Injury: Eagles LT Re-Tears Achilles Tendon

Eagles left tackle Jason Peters, who initially tore his right Achilles tendon while working out on March 27, suffered another tear to the same tendon after a fall at his house. Derrick Gunn of was the first to report the news:

According to a league source, Peters ruptured his Achilles tendon again after the Roll-A-Bout he was using malfunctioned. Peters was maneuvering in his kitchen when the device broke, and he fell on his face and re-injured the Achilles.

The five-time Pro Bowler needed a second surgery, and his recovery was set back three weeks. He is going to sue the manufacturer of the device.

A "Roll-A-Bout" is essentially a combination of a scooter and a walker, allowing a person to kneel with one leg and walk with the other. (See the company's official website for pictures.) Peters is officially listed at 340 pounds, but the company's website lists several models with a maximum weight of 500 pounds.

In any case, Peters' injury makes it even more likely that the left tackle will miss the entire 2012 season. The Eagles re-signed tackle King Dunlap to a one-year contract earlier in the offseason, but he has just seven career starts in three years in the NFL.