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Calvin Johnson Ready For Second Career As Baseball Player

We're not saying Calvin Johnson could be the football equivalent of Michael Jordan and switch sports at some point in his career. But, hypothetically, if he did, he might do well on the baseball field. He's athletic, has excellent hand-eye coordination and he's quite fast.

And as we found out on Friday, he can sock some dingers! Video after the jump.

It takes him a little bit to warm up, but after a few so-so swings, Megatron pokes one out to the wall in center. For his next act, he hits one out over the left field wall. There's even a helpful slow-mo of the batting practice dinger.

Considering that Megatron is on the Madden 13 cover, though, Lions fans should be happy he didn't strain an oblique or something. Or hit a line-drive off the net protecting the pitcher that then bounced back and beaned him in the nuts -- though that would've made a better video.