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NFLPA On Saints: 'Punishment Without Evidence Is Not Fair'

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell levied suspensions against four players who had a role in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. Jonathan Vilma is suspended for a full season, Anthony Hargrove, who is now with the Packers, is suspended for eight games, Will Smith is suspended four games and Scott Fujita, now with the Browns, has been suspended three games.

All four players plan to appeal the suspensions, according to reports. The NFLPA released a statement attributed to DeMaurice Smith shortly after the discipline was announced and said that the players have not yet received any "specific evidence" of the players' involvement.

"After seeing the NFL's decision letters, the NFLPA has still not received any detailed or specific evidence from the league of these specific players' involvement in an alleged pay-to-injure program. We have made it clear that punishment without evidence is not fair. We have spoken with our players and their representatives and we will vigorously protect and pursue all options on their behalf."

Translation: this thing isn't going away. The players and the NFLPA will more than likely appeal the punishments, as has been reported.

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