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Madden 13 Will Include Tebowing

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Every year, millions of people buy the latest version of the Madden video game series. Madden 13 comes out soon and droves of people will scramble over one another to be the first to pick it up, since it will be in no way similar to Maddens 12, 11, 10, etc. It will be a new and wondrous experience, if for no other reason than it is reported to include... Tebowing.

Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk reports that the new version of Madden will indeed include Tebowing. Specifics aren't available, but I will just go ahead and wildly speculate that the avatar of Tim Tebow will perform the on-bended-knee pose at the appropriate times. I will also speculate that Lions defenders will perform the move after a particularly vicious sack on the New York Jets "backup" quarterback.

Some other features I would like to see added to Madden games in the future:

- Chad Ochocino puts on a serape at random intervals

- Cincinnati Bengals players get arrested between each game

- Impossible to make a team sign Terrell Owens

- Sean Payton does not appear in 2013 version

- New Orleans Saints GM mode includes "eavesdrop" feature

- Ability to hit hidden character Brett Favre in the dong with a football

What else should Madden 13 include? Let us know in the comments.

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