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Ahman Green Talks About Gay And Lesbian Issues In Sports

Others from SB Nation and I attended the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles and one of the events over the weekend was a flag football game featuring celebrities and former players. My story on the event will talk about some of the former players in attendance -- Jeff Blake, former Bengals QB, was a blast from the past -- but someone else from the SB Nation network was there and comes away with a story much more impressive.

Cyd Zeigler Jr. of Outsports, part of the SB Nation network, talked with several players at the event about gay and lesbian issues in sports. Zeigler expected to find some players who would be uncomfortable discussing the topic, but that wasn't the case. The result is this piece, which is absolutely worth your time.

Former Packers RB Ahman Green opened up about his half-sister, who is lesbian, and his brother, who is gay.

"Yeah. We didn't find out until she got older. She didn't come out to us. I just found out two to three years ago. We were talking through Facebook. I was looking at her pictures on Facebook, and I was seeing rainbows, and I was like, OK, I know what that means. There was another girl in her pictures. And I was like, all right, cool."

Green also told me his brother was gay. Despite having a child with his former girlfriend, his brother eventually came out, also in the last couple of years.

This isn't a topic that is discussed in sports, especially football, very often. Green discusses why that is in the Outsports piece.

Stay tuned to SB Nation's YouTube channel for more on the Outsports piece.