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RGIII And Fellow NFL Rookies Take Our Job, Interview Each Other For A Day

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SB Nation spent the weekend at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere and several rookies, including RGIII, made our life easier by taking our microphone and interviewing other rookies for us.


SB Nation spent several days at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles last week, and by Saturday we were exhausted from all the work we'd put in the past three days. Lucky for us, a few NFL players were willing to work for us.

We made our way to the Rose Bowl on Saturday morning where more than 30 of the top 2012 NFL Draft picks were meeting trading card companies Topps and Panini for a photo shoot. In past years, the trading card companies would have to get all the players together for these photo shoots, and it was a scheduling nightmare so the NFLPA decided to build out an entire weekend out of it, thus the Rookie Premiere.

There were a handful of tents lining the field at the Rose Bowl filled with sponsors, such as SB Nation. On the field, the players were taking direction from photographers who were instructing them to take on various action shots, like leaping for a catch or throwing a stiff-arm.

Our mission while we were there was to capture as much cool stuff as possible.

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As it turns out, we didn't have to do as much work as we thought. Several players, including Redskins' Robert Griffin III, Browns' Trent Richardson, 49ers' A.J. Jenkins, Giants' David Wilson and Colts' Dwayne Allen, took the SB Nation microphone from us and went about interviewing other players.

The video below is the result:

A few highlights from the video...

-- Dwayne Allen asking a good question to Andrew Luck: "What was going through your head when they took one tight end, and you're like, 'OK I need some offensive weapons,' and then in the third round they go and take another tight end"

Luck's response: "I was happy. I know how invaluable tight ends can be. They create mismatch problems like Coby did. I remember watching you throughout college and being impressed. We'd have three tight ends on the field at least 20 snaps a game, so I know the value of them. It's always fun as a quarterback when you can get weapons like yourself.

-- RGIII can be pretty funny. Anyone else remember the pre-draft weight concerns with Alshon Jeffery? RGIII might've made a reference to that when he was interviewing Jeffery and said to the camera: "You guys gotta go see this guy's tape. Nebraska, South Carolina, Hail Mary. Belly hanging out in the end zone and everything." Of course they both laughed.

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-- Seahawks' Russell Wilson asks Bills' T.J. Graham why they call him Midnight Rider. "Well," Graham said, "I'm really dark-skinned, it's really dark at midnight, and I ride out on game day."

-- New Giant David Wilson predicts a Giants-Browns Super Bowl. "They got a good team this year," Wilson said of the Browns. "They picked up some players." ... I should mention that he was being interviewed by Trent Richardson, the Browns first round pick, at the time.

There's quite a bit more video coming out of SB Nation's weekend at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss any of them.

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