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Stanford Coaching Job Renamed In Andrew Luck's Honor

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Pep Hamilton is no longer the Stanford Cardinal's offensive coordinator. He's now technically the Andrew Luck Director of Offense (no, for real), after an anonymous donor endowed the position in honor of the former Heisman Trophy finalist and No. 1 draft pick.

It's a pretty fitting choice, both because Luck called plenty of his own plays at the line of scrimmage last year and because Stanford donors have every reason to remind people that Luck played there. And in every Stanford game this fall, an announcer will mention the Andrew Luck Director of Offense. Hey, remember Andrew Luck?

As unusual as this kind of thing sounds, a coaching position is still a university position. And it's not as uncommon as you might think. Several of the Ivys do it, Stanford head coach David Shaw is technically the Bradford M. Freeman Director of Football, and Boston College's Frank Spaziani is currently the Gregory P. Barber and Family Head Football Coach for at least another couple months. Gregory P. Barber and Family Head Football Coach hot seat.

This, of course, leads one to hope other schools follow suit:

Andy StaplesAndy Staples@Andy_Staples

The Frank's Funeral Home Director of Strength and Conditioning at Alabama.#YouKnowWhyThey'reWearingBlack

Bobby Big WheelBobby Big Wheel@BobbyBigWheel

The official title of Ohio State's Special Teams Coordinator is the Tressel Memorial Chair of Punting on Fourth and Inches


A nobel to the donor who creates the Strong Lord Of Defense endowment for Florida.

The Solid VerbalThe Solid Verbal@SolidVerbal

Texas's head coaching position will be further known as the Mack Brown Chair of Star Chasing and Scapegoatery.

Ian RapoportIan Rapoport@RapSheet

@footballscoop @Andy_Staples The Verizon/T9 Word Arkansas head coaching position, brought to you by AAA (covers the last 2 coaches!)

Ben DawsonBen Dawson@BenjaminJDawson

@Andy_Staples The Tim Brewster Tremendous Director of TREMENDOUS!!!

Mark EnnisMark Ennis@Mengus22

The Gary Crowton Directorship of Shortside Options Runs.

Paul MyerbergPaul Myerberg@PreSnapRead

I'd happily give Nebraska $100 to endow the Mackovica Family Walk-On Fullback Directorship.

Bryan FischerBryan Fischer@BryanDFischer

The Pistol Rick Directorship of Quarterback Injuries is already in the works at UCLA for those asking.

This will continue through lunchtime.

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