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Roger Goodell Expects Saints Bounty Proof To Become Public

The NFL and its commissioner Roger Goodell have come under a lot of scrutiny in the wake of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. In particular, there are plenty of analysts who have taken issue with the league's doling out of penalties and suspensions without having released the evidence against the team.

NFL Communications has released a transcript of Goodell speaking at a media briefing during the 2012 Spring League Meeting on Tuesday. As part of this press conference, Goodell touched on the Saints situation and stated he expects the evidence to be released at some point.

On if there is any talk about releasing the proof of payment in Saints bounty scandal:

We released the facts back in early March. We have met with the union a couple of times. The union specifically told the players not to cooperate in the investigation. We are in the midst of challenges on a variety of fronts with respect to the process of these appeals. So as that plays out and as that is concluded how that process will go forward, we will certainly engage and make sure we are fulfilling every aspect of that; including the appeals process itself.

On if he would expect at some point the proof becomes public:

Yes, I do.

There's no indication as to what sort of timeline to expect, but at least Goodell is hopeful that the public will soon be able to read the proof of the allegations for themselves.

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