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Kordell Stewart Is Officially Off The Market

Kordell Stewart was last in the NFL seven years ago as a backup for the Chicago Bears. I'm not sure if you knew that, or cared, but I came across the information while reading about Stewart's apparently "official" retirement from the NFL.

On Wednesday, Stewart returned to Pittsburgh for a press conference where he announced his retirement. Or something.

Of returning to Pittsburgh today for his "retirement," Stewart said: "It's not closure in a negative way, it's closure in a positive way ... I had a great time doing it. It's about the experience."

If this seems like the most random news you could hear today you're probably right. Stewart last played for the Steelers 10 years ago. It's been four years since there has been any talk at all of him coming out of retirement.

So, back off free agent suitors, Kordell Stewart is off the market.