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Twitter Trades Von Miller To The Steelers

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In the age of modern journalism and the rise of blogs, Twitter has become a powerful tool that has somewhat evened the playing field of reporting. It's even opened to door to purposeful false reports in order to troll and cause panic. On Wednesday, Denver Broncos defensive end Von Miller had to shoot down a rumor of himself being traded, on Twitter.

This tweet, however, wasn't a fake account or someone hacking into an official account. It occurred simply from some Pittsburgh Steelers fan simply faking a re-tweet of the official Broncos Twitter account.

Sometimes the fake tweets can be funny, especially if legitimate journalists get caught up in the moment with a quick retweet button, but this fake trade doesn't even make sense. Miller is one of the best young pass rushers in the game and was a Top 5 pick by the Broncos last season. ... So why would they trade him for a nose tackle who's close to retirement?

Who would believe that?