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Hines Ward Hired By NBC, Will Now Live Inside Your Television

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Hines Ward has done it all in his career. He's won two Super Bowls, been Super Bowl MVP, set Pittsburgh Steelers franchise records for receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns and, of course, has won a season of Dancing with the Stars. This fall, he'll be entering your television set and giving you his take on all things football.

Rich Sandomir of the New York Times reports that Ward has been hired by NBC Sports Group to be part of the Football Night in America crew, as well as working in the network's college football studio and on NBC SportsTalk on the fledgling NBC Sports Network.

This, of course, will come on the heels of what is sure to be a star-making cameo in The Dark Knight Rises. We can only assume that Ward will soon spin off his own daily show. If NBC is looking for titles for said show, here are some quick suggestions:

- Catch Up with Hines!

- Ward of the Day

- Ward's with Friends! (if he wants to go "The View" route)

- You Bet Your Hiney! (sports betting show)

- Ward Up

- Ward Off Evil (something for Sunday mornings to steal viewers from "The 700 Club")

Got your own suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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