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Vikings Stadium Bill: Minnesota Senate Amendment Would Increase Team's Share By $25 Million

The Minnesota Senate passed an amendment to the Vikings stadium bill that would reduce the state's financial contribution by $25 million, according to Tom Hauser of Twin Cities television station KSTP. That change would lower the amount that the state would put toward the stadium project from $398 million in the original plan to $373 million.

That change represents the first stage of a compromise with a version of the bill passed by the state House on Monday night that would increase the Vikings' cost by $105 million. Representatives from the Vikings called the House version of the plan "unworkable."

The breakdown in contributions for a new stadium to be built on the current Metrodome site could go through further compromise in a conference committee comprised of House and Senate members. First, the Senate will have to approve a bill. On Tuesday afternoon, the Senate was still debating and voting on some 50 amendments to the stadium bill. A final vote may not happen until later on Tuesday evening.

Senators have also spent a considerable amount of time debating the source of the state's contribution. The original plan called for the introduction of new gaming revenues. An amendment to move funding to user fees went to the floor after the amendment reducing the state contribution. User fees are opposed by the Vikings.