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Terrell Suggs Injury: Partial Tear Of Achilles; 4-6 Month Recovery

The Baltimore Ravens announced on Tuesday night that Terrell Suggs went through successful surgery to repair an injury to his Achilles' tendon, which was suffered on the weekend of the 2012 NFL Draft. What they didn't announce is whether Suggs had a complete or partial tear of his Achilles.

Suggs tells the Baltimore Sun that it was only a partial tear, which makes his return to the field in 2012 more realistic.

"Everything went good, he was in and out," Suggs told The Sun's Mike Preston of the surgery, which was performed in Charlotte, N.C. by noted foot/ankle specialist Dr. Robert Anderson. "There is only a small incision, and he said it was not as bad as some thought it was, which I had already been told."

Suggs continues to target 4-6 months for his recovery time. That would likely place his return sometime in the middle of the season, possibly around October or sooner, if all goes well.

This is much better than the previous thinking that Suggs had a complete tear, which would have likely kept him out the entire season. Suggs can now have a shot at starting the season on the PUP list, which would keep him out of the first six games of the season.

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