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NFL To Make 'Coaches Film' Available To Fans

Diehard football fans, the kind of fans that like to dig into the details of the game's Xs and Os, may have experienced heart palpitations on Friday morning. The NFL announced, after years of begging and cajoling from fans, that it will make "Coaches Film" available through its Game Rewind feature, which allows fans to watch archived broadcasts of each and every NFL game.

Coaches Film shows the entire field of play, a bird's eye view of all 22 players on the field and what they are doing, or not doing in some cases. Utilizing a number of different camera angles it facilitates a better understanding of what transpires all over field rather than the television broadcast which typically follows possession of the ball.

This is what teams use to breakdown plays, evaluate players and all those other things that get lumped into the term "watching film."

The Coaches Film is included in the premium Game Rewind package, available for a $60 subscription. For many, it will be a small price to pay considering the demand from football fans over the years. It might also prove to be a very lucrative offering from the NFL, as the league wades further and further into the waters of technological innovations to enhance the fan experience.