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Drew Brees Compares Bounty Scandal To Search For WMDs In Iraq

Just when it seemed the sniping over the league's case in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal had taken every angle imaginable, quarterback Drew Brees decided to chime in late on Monday night, posting a tweet that compared the NFL's alleged bounty evidence to the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

It was not well received by the public.

After a small firestorm of controversy erupted, Brees walked back his assertion on Tuesday afternoon.

He apologized after that.

Brees' remark probably shouldn't have caused the controversy that it did. Of course, there are probably plenty of football fans who feel the same weariness about the ongoing fight over the bounties and all the other incessant skirmishing between players and the league that has colored this offseason, making the league feel very much like, well, a war zone.