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Percy Harvin Wants Vikings To Trade Him, According To Report

The Associated Press is reporting Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin has requested a trade due to unspecified issues. The request comes a day after Harvin had strongly hinted that he would consider holding out from training camp for these same unspecified reasons.

Head coach Leslie Frazier indicated Harvin did not have an issue with his role in the offense, which would seem to leave the issue as being a contract problem. Harvin's rookie contract has two years left, during which he could earn a maximum of $3.4925 million. There has been no specific mention of the contract being an issue, but there are few other issues that immediately come to mind.

If the contract is the issue, the Vikings are in a tough situation. Harvin was the team's leading receiver last season and is an important part of the Christian Ponder development process. The potential problem in working out a long-term deal is Harvin's injury history. He has not missed a lot of games, but he has had constant knicks and bruises, and of course there's the matter of his well-known migraine issue. The Vikings have to factor that into their decision on what kind of deal to offer Harvin.

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