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Clark Haggans Serving Jail Time In Unique DUI Case

Cardinals linebacker Clark Haggans is serving a jail sentence after a DUI arrest in April.

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It was a surprise to read on Wednesday morning that Arizona Cardinals linebacker Clark Haggans was in jail for an old traffic violation. You think you'd know about an NFL player serving time in today's media landscape.

The agent for the Cardinals linebacker circulated a statement that explained the entire incident.

Haggans and his wife were attending a concert on April 21, 2011 when he got a call from the babysitter that their five-year old daughter, who was taking medicine for under developed lungs, was having problems breathing. Haggans looked for his wife at the concert but she was wandering around.

He was drinking at the time but given the situation decided to drive home anyway. Eventually he was pulled over for running a red light and cited for two moving violations as well as suspicion of DUI. As part of his agreement with the district attorneys, Haggans says he has to spend 48 hours plus seven additional nights in jail.

A little more on his sentence:

Given the length of the sentence, it doesn't look like this will affect his availability during training camp or the regular season.

The NFL has had seen a number of its players arrested for DUI recently but nothing that involves the circumstances of Haggans' situation. You can't justify driving drunk but I wonder if many people would make the same decision he did if it involved their kids.

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