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Brandon Jacobs Makes Young Fan's Day With Bounce House Trip

Earlier this month, we heard the story of Joseph Armento, a 6-year-old New York Giants fan who sent former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs his life savings of $3.36 hoping to entice Jacobs to stay with the Giants. Jacobs isn't returning to New York, but Armento's gesture did earn quite the reward on Wednesday.

Jacobs repaid Armento with a $5 bill and gave him a signed Giants helmet. That alone would be a great deal for Armento, but Jacobs didn't stop there.

He also took Armento and his younger brother to a New Jersey area bounce-house for two hours on Wednesday. Forget the cash, forget the memorabilia. Two hours in a bounce-house with your favorite NFL player has to be worth millions to a 6-year-old. If Armento keeps getting that kind of return on all of his investments, he might own the Giants one day.

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