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VIDEO: Life After Football At NFL's Broadcast Boot Camp

While most NFL players are preparing for training camp next month, a number of current and former players are preparing for a different kind of training camp. Dan Rubenstein and SB Nation Studios made their way to Mount Laurel, NJ this week to check out the NFL's Broadcast Boot Camp, where current and former players are prepared for a career in broadcasting.
Some of them even got jobs from it. Former Patriots receiver Troy Brown will spend one Sunday next season in the broadcast booth for one of the NFL's UK partners. Lions receiver Nate Burleson and Broncos tight end Joel Dreessen, who both participated in the boot camp, will co-host a show on Sirius XM NFL Radio this season.

At the boot camp they're told to loosen up, speak clearly and sit up straight for the cameras. Even our own Dan Rubenstein isn't immune to the criticisms from those running the broadcast boot camp.

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