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Re-Ranking The NFL's Top-10 Players

NFL Network's top 100 players series ended with the revealing of the top 10 players. A re-ranking of those top 10 players gives us a number of changes to the NFL's top 10 players.

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The NFL Network's list of the top 100 players in the league is now complete after the show ended on Wednesday night with Aaron Rodgers landing in the top spot. This wasn't a surprise for those who watch football regularly.

But the rest of the top 10 players are up for debate. We took a stab at re-ranking them.

1. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Can't complain. Forty-five touchdowns to six interceptions is almost unbelievable. Those are numbers we haven't seen in the NFL before and it wasn't like Rodgers was playing from behind all season. The Packers started the season 13-0 and he still put up over 4,600 yards passing. He's the best quarterback in the league and should stick in the top spot for years to come.

NFLN ranking: Rodgers

2. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

He was ranked fourth on NFL Network's list, but Brady deserves to be higher than that. Looking at his career numbers, he hasn't slipped at all. Brady had a career best 5,235 yards passing last season and threw 39 touchdowns to just 12 interceptions. Drew Brees puts up huge numbers, too, but comparing what each quarterback has to work with, Brady has the edge.

NFLN ranking: Drew Brees

3. New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees

Drew Brees has career bests in completion percentage (71.2), passing yards (5,476) and touchdowns (46). Those first two were also NFL records, which tells you where his 2011 season stands in history. Brees has led the league in completion percentage the last three years as well as touchdown passes in three of the last four years. Compared to his peers, he has some of the best numbers we've ever seen.

NFLN ranking: Calvin Johnson

4. New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis

NFL Network had him at No. 5. The value of a true shut down cornerback is rising with each year we see the passing game evolve more and more. This is a passing league now and the ability to shut down half the field is something that every team desires. The Jets are fortunate in that they have Revis, who needs to be on his game twice a year facing the quarterback we have ranked No. 2.

NFLN ranking: Tom Brady

5. Minnesota Vikings DE Jared Allen

Allen was ranked 13th on NFL Network's list but he should be higher than that. He's the top pass rusher in the game, ahead of DeMarcus Ware, who NFL Network has ranked above Allen. Like cornerback, the value of a pass rusher is at an all-time high with the league moving to more and more passing. Twenty-two sacks in one season is an impressive number, one of the best pass rushing seasons of all-time.

NFLN ranking: Darrelle Revis

6. Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson

It's hard to pick between Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, but like NFL Network I give the nod to Johnson. The best way to describe him is a freak. Averaging 105 yards and one touchdown per game qualifies you as a difference maker and that's exactly what Johnson is. There's no easy trick in covering Johnson when you take into account his size and speed. He's a big reason Matthew Stafford eclipsed 5,000 yards passing last season.

NFLN ranking: DeMarcus Ware

7. Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald

Let's be honest. Choosing between Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald basically comes down to a coin flip. Both are elite receivers, the two best in the game right now. Fitzgerald has been doing it longer than Johnson with five straight seasons of at least 1,000 yards receiving. Fitzgerald had 1,400 yards receiving last season with some guys named Kevin Kolb and John Skelton throwing to him.

NFLN ranking: Larry Fitzgerald

8. Baltimore Ravens DE Terrell Suggs

2011's defensive player of the year, Suggs ended the season with 14 sacks. He's one of the most complete pass rushers in the game with the ability to line up in multiple spots. The Ravens' defense has been elite for a while now and Suggs is arguably the best player on the team. He was ranked No. 11 on NFL Network's list.

NFLN ranking: Adrian Peterson

9. San Francisco 49ers DE Justin Smith

This is the one that will cause the most disagreement. He was ranked 17th on NFL Network's list, which is way too low. Terrell Suggs may be the more complete pass rusher but Smith is elite at two different positions -- defensive end and defensive tackle. Indeed, Smith was voted an All-Pro at both positions, which is insane.

NFLN ranking: Haloti Ngata

10. Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

Adrian Peterson was the only running back to make the top 10 in NFL Network's rankings, but McCoy should've taken that spot. Running backs aren't as important these days, we know that. But they do matter when you have as much of a role in the offense as McCoy, who does a little bit of everything. His rushing numbers have improved every year he's been in the league, topping out at 1,309 yards in 2011 and he's good for over 40 receptions every year as well.

NFLN ranking: Patrick Willis

Just Missed The Cut: DeMarcus Ware, Adrian Peterson, Haloti Ngata and Patrick Willis.

There will be some angry fans after these players were left off our top 10 list and, frankly, I can't blame you. Ranking the top players in the NFL is such a difficult task when you take into account the different positions and the teams each player is on. The four players above have legitimate arguments for inclusion into our top 10, but so do the players already listed.

What's the biggest miss on our top 10 list?

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