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Justin Blackmon DUI Will Be Misdemeanor, DA Won't Plea Bargain

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Justin Blackmon was arrested for aggravated DUI over the weekend, and it's commonly been referred to as his second DUI charge. But technically, this is Blackmon's first DUI charge, which means he won't be charged with a felony. Blackmon is facing a misdemeanor DUI charge -- to which he pled not guilty -- because his first DUI arrest in 2010 was knocked down to minor in possession of beer.

This time around, Blackmon won't be getting a plea deal with lesser charges, as Vino Stellino of the Florida Times-Union reported on Twitter:

Stellino added in a later tweet that first-time offenders, which Blackmon is under the law, usually do not get jail time. However, the judge in Blackmon's case does have the option to sentence Blackmon to jail time if he is convicted.

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