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Terrell Suggs' Injury Came During Basketball Game, Witnesses Say

There's a new report out from ESPN indicating that the injury suffered by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs -- an Achilles tendon injury -- came during a game of basketball. Suggs quickly denied that was the case and said his injury came during a conditioning test.

And now ESPN has circled back around on the report that the injury came during a basketball game. Adam Schefter has a number of sources who report seeing Suggs go down during a basketball game on the weekend of the NFL Draft in April.

While the report sure makes it seem like Suggs isn't telling the truth, the reality is that it likely doesn't matter. Whether Suggs hurt his Achilles playing basketball or in a conditioning test, it came away from the facility -- a "non-football injury" -- which means the Ravens have the right to go after a portion of Suggs' contract.

But the Ravens haven't gone after his money and, after waiting this long, appear as if they won't.

So Suggs may not be telling the truth about how he suffered his injury, but it probably doesn't matter anyway.

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