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Ravens Won't Pursue Terrell Suggs' Contract After Injury

The Baltimore Ravens confirmed they will not go after Terrell Suggs' money after the linebacker suffered an Achilles' injury during a game of basketball this offseason. Team owner Steve Bisciotti conducted a press conference where he was announcing a naming rights deal with Under Armour for their facility and confirmed to reporters that they will not pursue action against Suggs.

Via Carroll County Times:

"He got criticized for being out of shape a couple of years ago and he said it would never happen again. He made the Pro Bowl last year and then he made Defensive Player of the Year this Year. I want these guys striving. It gets pretty boring in the weight room. He wasn't kite boarding. I'd like to see that one day. If he's playing basketball, that's great."

Suggs says the injury came during a conditioning test. Technically the Ravens could have pursued a portion of his contract if he suffered a non-football injury, but Bisciotti confirmed that they wont. His level-headed response makes sense considering a number of other Ravens players play basketball in the offseason, sometimes even for charity.

So Suggs' money is safe but his Achillies is not. He's rehabbing and hoping to return to the field by November, which is awfully optimistic.

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