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Roddy White Should Never Tweet About Joe Paterno Again

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Falcons receiver Roddy White might be my favorite football player. He's good at sports and says a lot of things that make rival fans really mad all the time, which is fun. He smiles a lot, too. I like those things about him.

Thursday, he said some kind of dumb things. For one, he sort of declared Penn State should've gone out of its way to keep Jerry Sandusky's sexual assaults a secret from the public, albeit while still calling the police on Sandusky. He also spelled "raping" in a way that amused some people, and then continued to spell it said way.

Airing out Penn State's business is good for everyone, of course. The more we know about what happened, the more we know about how to make sure it never happens again. White later tried to alter the perception of what he'd said, but it was probably too late for him.

He also addressed the matter of his spelling.

I'm being overly sympathetic here, but it's never going to be easy to watch athletes have everything they say about complicated issues picked apart. White has about as much legal training as ESPN's Matt Millen does, and Millen's out there embarrassing himself even worse.

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