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Indianapolis Plans Another Super Bowl Bid

Indianapolis is planning to bid for another Super Bowl after a successful Super Bowl XLVI.

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Thanks to their gorgeous, shiny new stadium, Indianapolis was able to host Super Bowl XLVI back in February, and everything went off without a hitch for the city, the stadium and the Indianapolis Colts organization. Because their first go-around at hosting the game went well and because it provided a nice temporary boost to the local economy, Indianapolis would like to host the game again.

Colts owner Jim Irsay is teaming up with local officials to attempt to bring the game back to Indiana. The 2016 Super Bowl doesn't have a host yet, but Indy appears to be targeting a slightly later date, in 2018.

Armed with a fresh economic impact report touting $152 million in direct spending from Indianapolis' first Super Bowl, city and state officials are expected to announce plans this morning to bid on hosting a second NFL championship ... Two sources say talk has centered on the 2018 Super Bowl.

Indianapolis isn't the vacation destination that the regular Super Bowl rotation cities are, but if the city and team make things easy for the NFL when they host, they might be able to weasel their way into that rotation anyway.

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