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NFL Announces Expanded Digital Product Line, Including Coaches Film And A Telestrator For Fans

The NFL announced the release of coaches film, a new telestrator capability and a host of other digital products for fans on Monday.

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The NFL is rolling out an updated line of digital media product this season. That new line of offerings includes the long-coveted coaches film, which features the "All-22" and "High End Zone" camera angles that were previously only available to teams and a select few with special access.

Coaches film is available as part of the Game Rewind bundle of goods, the $69.99 version of that offering. Without a doubt, the availability of the additional video will attract legions of the league's most dedicated fans. In a Monday conference call with the media, representatives from the digital media department described that as one goal of the expanded offers. It will doubtlessly have a positive impact on the league's bottom line as well.

In order to make the coaches film and some other products available, the league required the blessing of the competition committee. When asked by SB Nation if there was any reticence from committee members over releasing the coaches film to the general public, the league spokesperson said only that the committee shared the "enthusiasm" for delivering the product to fans.

The digital products and features include:

  • NFL Preseason Live - The same package as last year, which allows fans to watch live and on-demand out-of-market preseason games with a $10 price cut.
  • NFL Game Pass - Fans outside the U.S. can watch all regular season games live and on-demand.
  • NFL Game Rewind - Priced at various levels, this package allows fans to watch every play of the season after the game has aired on television.
  • Coaches Film - As described above, fans who purchase the high-end package for Game Rewind will have access to coach's film from the 2012 and 2011 season. The league anticipates that the coach's film from the 2012 games will be available on Wednesdays following the game. Archived footage is expected to be available closer to the start of the season.
  • Telestrator Function - This was by far the most exciting product reveal from the NFL on Monday's conference call. Fans will be able to break down plays from the game, drawing over still frames with their finger or a mouse. Additionally, fans can save their breakdowns and share them via social media or email.
  • Tablet availability - For the first time, all of the NFL's digital products will be available to fans on their iPad and most Android tablets.
  • Fantasy football - packed significant upgrades into their online fantasy products, including tablet availability and live auctions.

The NFL's digital products team could not comment on future products, much less the availability of live games online. Nevertheless, it was clear that the league is investing heavily in the digital sphere to enhance the fan experience.