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Finally, Jason Babin Has Pooped

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The Philadelphia Eagles training staff uses a thermometer to monitor a player's core temperature, which helps show them how a player is responding to the heat.

Eagles' Jason Babin ended up in a precarious position after using the thermometer this week.

As the Eagles trainer shows here, the player swallows a transmitter which tracks the internal temperature on a thermometer. The training staff needs this to see how hot a player is getting.

Babin swallowed his over the weekend and then on Saturday he strained his calf, which prompted the Eagles medical staff to call for an MRI. The problem is that the transmitter needs to be flushed from his system before receiving an MRI.

And the only way to flush it out of his system...

Yes, that's a #poopwatch hashtag. Babin tweeted that out on Sunday night and by early Monday morning he had soem good news to report -- he pooped!

(H/T Deadspin)