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Mohamed Massaquoi Injury: Browns Confirm Concussion

The Cleveland Browns confirmed that wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi suffered a concussion in Friday night's preseason game against the Detroit Lions. Head coach Pat Shurmur delivered the news in comments to the media after the game.

The Browns have plenty of questions left to address at wide receiver. Watching the veteran wideout get injured on the first play, a 12-yard pass from Brandon Weeden, did not make things easier for the Browns.

Massaquoi was not the only injury the Browns suffered in the game, a Pyrrhic 19-17 win. Scott Paxson injured his knee; Dimitri Patterson his ankle and Jordan Cameron his back. None of those others seemed as serious as the receiver's concussion.

Those injuries come just days after the team learned that first-round pick Trent Richardson needed a knee scope that could keep out for a few weeks.

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