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Terrelle Pryor: 'I Played Like Dog Crap'

There are many ways Oakland Raiders fans would describe Monday night's play of their team and third-string quarterback Terrelle Pryor -- none of them are good -- but probably the best description of the performance during the 3-0 loss to the Dallas Cowboys came from the man himself.

"I'm angry at myself," Pryor said. "I thought everybody else on the team played great. I just think I played like dog crap. So I'm mad about that, about how I played. ... I will be better on Friday."

Pryor, who saw action in the fourth quarter and finished 8-for-15 with 50-passing yards, was playing for the first time in almost two seasons. Teammate Matt Lienhart said the Ohio State alum was being a bit harsh on himself.

"He has to realize that it's not going to happen overnight," No. 2 quarterback Matt Leinart said. "He can make plays, and he's working hard."

Pryor and the Raiders will get a chance to rebound on Friday, when they play at the Arizona Cardinals.